Dominant – Driver – Determined
(Takes on Active Roles & is Task Oriented)


General Characteristics:
Good problem solver, Risk-taker, Strong ego, Self-starter, Goal-oriented


  • Administrative
  • Leadership
  • Delegator
  • Responds to Direct Confrontation

Blind Spots:

  • Can be Impatient
  • Can be insensitive
  • Can be a poor listener

Value To Team or Group:

  • Bottom-line organizer
  • Places high value on time
  • Challenges the status quo
  • Innovative
  • Motivator

Challenge Areas:

  • Can overstep authority
  • Can appear argumentative
  • Dislikes routine
  • Attempts too much at once
  • Can be too quick to respond

Greatest Fear:
Being taken advantage of


DISC Enhancing Communication


The Primary “D” Loves it when you:

  • Are brief, direct, and to the point when explaining yourself
  • Ask “what” not “how” questions
  • Focus on the results (they desire results)
  • Give them the “bottom line” when describing a situation
  • Suggests ways to help them solve problems
  • Highlight the benefits when telling them about your ideas
  • Agree with facts rather than emotions when agreeing
  • Discuss a problem in light of how it will slow results

But has difficulty understanding when you:

  • Ramble or repeat yourself
  • Focus on problems instead of solutions
  • Make generalizations
  • Make statements without support


If you have not previously taken the DISC assessment or do not know your DiSC Personality Profile, you can take the assessment online at



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