Creating your legacy as a parent

The stress of being a parent can be overwhelming. Lack of sleep, pressure on your marriage to manage the “mayhem”, additional stress trying to “measure up to others”?

Michele takes the effective Leadership tools and strategies she uses in coaching and consulting executives and leaders in the corporate world and trains parents how to use those same powerful techniques to Lead their Child to Excellence.


• Happy, productive children
• Accountability from your children
• Respectful behavior
• Increased self confidence
• Decreased procrastination
• Increased self initiation
• Deeper bonds with your children

Self Guided Coaching Workbooks by Michele Burch Reid, MS

Tools to Help (Assessments)

DiSC helps you to better understand how you are naturally hard-wired through your personality Type. Enables your team to resolve conflict & communicate most effectively.

Values Assessment helps you to discover the underlying and hidden motivators that affect behavior. Hiring managers have found knowledge of a prospect’s Values Styles critical to hiring decisions.

TEAMS Profile Assessment– outlines the way people think and function best in a team environment into five key roles preformed by the group to carry out tasks. When your team members are placed in their area of preference, productivity increases and stress is reduced.

The Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) measures your underlying passions and motivations within a specific environment. This knowledge helps you can make more purposeful decisions and deliberate actions, versus reactions.

EQ-i 2.0 measures your emotional intelligence skills, our ability to know our emotions and others, to navigate situations on a healthy and positive way. This help us to become more aware, make better choices, and be more purposeful in our leadership.

MBTI helps you to better understand your employees’ strengths, weaknesses and the way they perceive and process information.  This helps your team work more efficiently, with better communication, less conflict and assembling teams based on strength.

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