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I help people find peak performance using personality type and emotional intelligence.



We believe that every individual has unique gifts, talents & strengths. That everyone is created to be great and to make a difference in the world, to leave a Legacy.

Michele trains people how to enhance their natural strengths, find their passion, build & strengthen relationships, live meaningful lives and leave their LEGACY on the world by tapping into their natural strengths with Personality Type, Emotional Intelligence, Biofeedback & other Brain-based tools. Whether that is in the boardroom, the classroom, or family room.


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“Communication is the key to every relationship – personal and professional. Thank you MIchele for helping me to stop, evaluate and communicate on a higher level than ever before.”

Michelle C.


The Impact of Play on Our Mental Health

Playtime?  Seriously, for adults? Isn’t that being lazy?  Isn’t that for the retired or for kids? Studies show that having regular segments of playtime can have a strong positive contribution to our mental health. Especially, nonconstructive playtime. What is meant by...

Creating A Relaxed State Of Being For Yourself And Others

  Watch this video of my horse relaxing his head when I use a relaxation technique of deep cleansing exhalation. A horse will lower their head when they feel relaxed. Was I successful? Many of you that follow me know that one of the ways I “fill my soul” is...

What’s the best personality type match for my romantic relationship?

  With Valentine’s day approaching, I thought it would be timely to revisit Personality Types as they relate to relationships. The most common question I have received in all the years doing workshops and coaching on Personality Type and Emotional Intelligence in the...

Using Personality Type To Set Your New Year’s Resolution

  If you are like most people, you have the best intentions to set a resolution for the New Year. However, sticking to it is a struggle. Or for some, even deciding what to resolve in the first place is a struggle. Here are some suggested focus areas for setting new...

Introverted Feeling (FI)

Introverted Feeling (FI) ISFJ - INFJ   The function is making decisions based on your personal values and being concerned more with how things impact you personally than how the group is impacted. Uses personal, deeply held values to ensure an inner sense of...

Extraverted Feeling (FE)

Extraverted Feeling (FE) ESFJ - ENFJ   The function is making decisions based on the value system that is concerned with the well-being of people. These values are more global and cultural than personal. The goal is to maintain group harmony.   For...

Introverted Thinking (TI)

Introverted Thinking (TI) ISTJ - INTJ   The function is making decisions based on data, categories, and theories inside your mind. Analyzing & comparing systems with others make improvements.   For example:The function is making decisions based on data,...

Extraverted Thinking (TE)

Extraverted Thinking (TE) ESTJ - ENTJ   The function is making decisions about the external world using objective facts. Applies criteria in a logical way while staying within the rules and policies to arrive at a defendable position or decision.   For...

Introverted Intuition (NI)

Introverted Intuition (NI) INTJ - INFJ   The function is when you get insights that seem to come from nowhere. Information, facts, and data are stored and then internally processed. This later emerges from the unconscious.   For example:Those “aha’ moments....

Extraverted Intuition (NE)

Extraverted Intuition (NE) ENTP - ENFP "What IT MEANS"   The function when we are focusing our attention on the multiple possibilities. Making connections & patterns between items in our external world. These possibilities are sparked by our external world....

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Letter From Michele

Hello and welcome to Legacy Consulting Institute.

There are so many tools and strategies available to you here. Tools and strategies for Professional and Personal Development. I help people find peak performance using personality type and emotional intelligence. My job is to make sure that you are aware of all that is offered to you and help you to build a tool kit that is the best fit for you.

I have created these programs and products for Leaders, Employees, Parents, Couples, Individuals, and Teams. Whether you are looking to build your leadership skills, become your best self, grow your team, or improve your relationships, I have something for you.

I believe that every individual has unique gifts, talents, and strengths. That everyone is created to be great and to make a difference in the world, to leave a LEGACY.



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