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“Thanks Michele! I truly enjoyed the whole workshop we had. It was so interesting and true!! I think it is very important and informative.”

Susan B , PV Bank

” KC Hopps Restaurant Management group has used Michele and Legacy Consulting Group for our yearly leadership retreats. While making plans for our retreats, Michele offers guidance on which self-development test she would recommend for everyone, and manages the distribution and testing for us. During the workshop at the retreat, Michele does a wonderful job educating the group, and sharing why it is important to be aware of different personality types and being self-aware of who you are as an individual. Most importantly, she coaches us on why it is important to understand other’s strengths and qualities. I was shocked to know I was an introverted thinker as a VP of the company when we took the Myers Briggs, but now that I understand that introvert doesn’t necessarily mean shy, I am proud of who I am as a leader in our organization, and how I help our organization come together as a cohesive unit.


Our teams always become closer after Michele spends time with us. We come together as a team, we understand each other better, and we are stronger as an organization after. It’s proven results, which is why Legacy Consulting Institute is a house need at our yearly retreats. We also use Michele’s services for our onboarding testing and for guidance. I highly recommend her workshops and one-on-one coaching to anyone who wants to put time into their people’s self-development and leadership.”
Bethany Neal, VP Sales, Marketing & Technology

“I recommend this workshop for any middle schooler! Michelle had a great approach with the girls. She was enthusiastic and engaging. My daughter came out of it with a better understanding of herself and her friends.”

A. Seitz

“I thought the team building workshop was extremely valuable. You did an amazing job! I loved just listening to you. The assessment really held true and is a true fit to the different personalities. The assessment really held true and is a true fit to the different personalities. I think it will truly help.”


“I loved the Leadership Development Workshop for youth. I had so much fun and I have a much better understanding of my personality, my strengths and the direction I want to take. It really got me thinking about my future. I can’t wait to be a part of the Junior Leadership Council by LCI”

Middle School Girl

“After participating in the Leadership Development Workshop for youth, my daughter started thinking about what sort of profession she may want to enter into. She now has a better understanding of herself, what makes her tick and how to use that information to set long term goals.”

C Edmonds

“I just want to say a BIG thank you to Michele for helping me figure myself out! I am 19, and like most 19 year old’s, I’m kind of lost in myself. I took the DISC Profile Assessment and it helped me to understand why I do the things I do. I’m very complex so personality tests usually hit a couple points in my personality but not all. Not only was the DISC Assessment right on, but it also gave tips on how to communicate with other people. Communication is SO important and I better understand it now. I recommend any of these services to people of all ages!”


“Michele Burch Reid, MS, Principal at LCI, is the best Leadership Coach. She has been my Industrial Organization Coach for almost a decade. Because of her dedication, I have a well established company, a dedicated team, and was able to retire 20 years ahead of schedule.

My undergraduate degrees are in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, but her skills and knowledge took me beyond anything I learned in University.

Invest in yourself and in your business by retaining her as your Coach.”

Tamara Payne, President Aloha Wellness, Inc.

“Michele Burch Reid brings incredible insight, clarity and passion to critical hiring decisions with the information she pulls from DISC assessments for interviewees.”

Suzanne Miller, President, SPM Communications, Dallas

“Through personality assessments and coaching sessions, Michele has helped me to start a new phase in my life.”

E. Sleiman

“Communication is the key to every relationship – personal and professional. Thank you Michele for helping me to stop, evaluate and communicate on a higher level than ever before.”

Michelle C.

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