Extraverted Sensing (SE)


“What IS”


The function when we are focusing our attention on the real and present world, using our 5 senses.


For example:
Listening to a dog bark. When our brain focuses on the sound of the dog barking, it is exercising Se function.

What to know about those that are hard-wired for Extraverted Sensing

  • Acquires information by experiencing the physical world in the present moment
  • Requires awareness of the physical environment in detail
  • Requires engaging what is in the environment in a physical way
  • Continually shifts engagement as excitement level shifts
  • Recalls in a spatial context
  • Seeks immediate feedback and interaction
  • Moves freely through the physical environment seeking sensory stimuli to understand and interact with the world.
  • Is often the life of the party, brightening and livening nearly any gathering.
  • Maybe resourceful and practical in a crisis.
  • Spontaneously reads people and situations, quickly picking up on the tone of voice and facial expressions, and responds at the moment.
  • Study effectively alone or in a small, familiar group


What to know about training or educating those that are  Extraverted Sensing

  • Like to respond quickly without too much pondering
  • Must be active, interesting, and applied to hold their attention
  • Real-life examples help them to retain and understand
  • Need to get up and move around in training
  • Enjoy hands-on activities
  • Memorize relevant facts and details
  • Use colors, sounds, textures, and images to help them remember information
  • Like variety and want to change learning activities frequently
  • Be drawn to the most immediate task at hand
  • Want to have fun and be playful
  • Be entertaining and humorous


Famous SE Types

  • Angelina Jolie (ESTP) Actress
  • Madonna (ESTP) Singer, Entertainer
  • Taylor Swift (ESTP) Singer-songwriter
  • Bill Clinton (ESFP) U.S. President (D)
  • Hugh Hefner (ESFP) Founder of Playboy Magazine
  • Lady Gaga (ESFP) Singer-songwriter




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