Using Personality Type to Manage Stress

by Aug 26, 2021

Start a new project

“D” styles are direct, decisive, and task-oriented. Avoid micromanaging everything or doing everything yourself, as this will raise your frustration level. Get yourself involved in a new project or think of new ways to optimize and delegate some of your workflow and processes. For a full detachment from work stress, consider whether your yard could use a makeover. Get the ball rolling and create a task list for each family member to get them involved in helping too.

Have a virtual party

“I” styles are outgoing and social. It’s a great time to brush up on all the ins and outs of Microsoft Teams or Zoom for work. Don’t be surprised if you get random video calls from your “I” co-worker when they have a few minutes just to say, “Hi.” Download the HouseParty app. With this app, you can connect to all your friends, family members, and neighbors by just sending them an invitation. The next best thing to an in-person party is a virtual Friday night social with the ones you love.

Schedule “One-on-one” time

“S” styles are supportive and steady. They may have a hard time managing their routine right now, but routine is what is going to keep some stability and normalcy. They will also want to connect with their co-workers they haven’t seen lately. Schedule some one-on-one projects with friends or co-workers to get back in your comfort zone. When was the last time you have received a handwritten letter from a friend, or written one yourself? Get out some stationery and a pen, and send a friend a thoughtful letter through faithful snail mail.

Get organized

“C” styles are conscious and detail-oriented. Do you have some older PowerPoint or Excel spreadsheets that could benefit from being reformatted? Now is the time to do it. “C” styles don’t mind working independently, whether it be at home or in the office. They have their eye on the prize, and their goals must be fulfilled. Organize that closet. Upgrade your closet with a new storage shelf, matching cube bins, and color-code those t-shirts. The “C” will feel better than ever after completing these tasks.

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