Practicing relaxation exercises 20-30 minutes on a daily basis can produce, over time, a general feeling of relaxation and increased well-being that benefits every area of your life. With regular practice, you feel more in control, which leads to calm, realistic responses. Biofeedback tools can be helpful in measuring what physiological responses you are having to the relaxation techniques you are practicing.

Studies Show the Benefits of Practicing Relaxation Techniques Can:


  • Improve your Immune System
  • Increase your ability to maintain situational awareness
  • Improve Peak Performance, Reaction Times and Coordination
  • Improve Memory and Learning
  • Improve Sleep and overall sense of peace
  • Improve ability to think clearly innovative thinking
  • Can help you lose weight by reducing cortisol
  • Reduce Anxiety, Depressed feelings, Fatigue
To learn more, purchase the 40 Day Practice To Resilience workbook.
Want an even greater experience? Purchase the 40 Day Practice To Resilience online course.  Comes complete with instructional videos, printable worksheet and journal to track your success.




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