Extraverted Feeling (FE)



The function is making decisions based on the value system that is concerned with the well-being of people. These values are more global and cultural than personal. The goal is to maintain group harmony.


For example:
When we organize and help a group, such as planning an event that others will enjoy, we are exercising the Fe function.



What to know about those that are hard-wired for Extraverted Feeling

  • Affirms
  • Creates group harmony
  • May anticipate, coordinate, and manage the needs of all members of a given social group.
  • Shows interest in another’s life
  • Validates and connects harmoniously
  • Often fluently interacts with others so as to accomplish goals that serve the best interests of all concerned
  • Often works to engage the trust of others so as to create harmony and mitigate conflict in the group
  • May support peoples’ strengths to bring out the best
  • Can put others’ needs ahead of own, at great cost to self, if it will serve the greater good
  • If inflated, relationships can become co-dependent


What to know about training or educating those that are Extraverted Feeling

  • Focus on interaction and communication
  • Dislike situations in which people are challenged or uncomfortable
  • Want to be appreciated and supported
  • Make sure everyone is included and accepted
  • Coordinate people to complete tasks and projects


Famous FE Types

  • Larry King (ESFJ) – talk show host
  • Barbara Walters (ESFJ) – talk show host
  • Elton John (ESFJ) – songwriter
  • Whitney Houston (ESFJ) – singer
  • Shania Twain (ESFJ) – singer-songwriter
  • Woody Harrelson (ESFJ)- Actor
  • Martin Luther King Jr. (ENFJ) civil rights leader
  • Ronald Reagan (ENFJ) – US President
  • Oprah Winfrey (ENFJ) – talk show host




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