Introverted Intuition (NI)



The function is when you get insights that seem to come from nowhere. Information, facts, and data are stored and then internally processed. This later emerges from the unconscious.


For example:
Those “aha’ moments. The unconscious mind processes the data. Later, while in the shower, or jogging, the answer just pops into your mind. This is exercising the Ni function.



What to know about those that are hard-wired for Introverted Intuition

  • Synthesizes information, seeking to extract the deeper or ultimate meaning
  • Identifies what is significant
  • Generally works to understand things in the most complete way, grasping the gestalt
  • Often knows what is needed or should be done before others start to contemplate the ideas
  • Uses abstract symbols to explain
  • May be unaware of physical surroundings, seemingly unaffected by temperature, aesthetics, etc.
  • If inflated, may not know when to stop pursuing a concept to its ultimate limit. Therefore, never execute to plan or idea


What to know about training or educating those that are Introverted Intuition

  • Seek out different points of view
  • Often will synthesize information and provide a definitive summative assessment
  • Maybe heedless of physical surroundings, seemingly unaffected by temperature, aesthetics, etc.
  • Can be completely unaware of their surroundings or environment
  • Bored with the details & prefer the big picture


Famous NI Types

  • Isaac Newton (INTJ) – Physicist
  • Friedrich Nietzsche (INTJ) – Philosopher
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (INTJ) – US Gov. & Actor
  • James Cameron (INTJ) – Film Maker
  • Carl Jung (INFJ) – Psychologist & father of Type
  • Mahatma Gandhi (INFJ) – Peace Campaigner
  • Thomas Jefferson (INFJ) – US Pres. & Author of the Declaration of Independence
  • George Harrison (INFJ) – Musician




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