Personality Type training can be effective for a variety of reasons:

Leadership Development: Knowing your inherent strengths and limitations is a vital part of effective leadership. Through targeted training, learn how to recognize your instinctive leadership style and minimize existing weaknesses, to work effectively with your team.


Team Building: An effective and motivated team begins with effective communication. Personality Type training allows you to quickly and accurately identify the communication style of each team member, maximizing performance and productivity.


Talent Management: Having the right people in the right place is often the difference between success and failure. PeopleKeys® uses industry-specific benchmarks to identify key behavioral and skill traits necessary for top employee performance.


Personal Development: The first step to personal development is understanding why we do what we do. Each person is different, but we are predictably different.


Relationships & Communication: Having a greater understanding of Personality Type can improve relationships and communication by creating awareness of what motivates yourself & others, how one communicates, navigate goals & conflict, and so much more.
One of my favorite tools to use for identifying Personality Type is the DiSC Profile report. Based on observations over thousands of years of human development, DISC has been used since the 1920s to better understand people. Seeing how each of us is a combination of four basic human patterns, which reveals a great deal about what motivates us as well as what we fear and avoid. This information can offer a new perspective on why we do what we do.


Why The DiSC Profile for Understanding Personality Type?

All individuals function in all four of these behaviors. Personality type or style is determined by the intensity in which we function in each of these categories. An individual’s primary “type” or “style” is referred to as the categories that are above the midline (As determined by psychometric measuring by LCI.) Many of us are a blend of more than one of these four types. There are those that are purely dominant in one style. (Those that score high in all four which is extremely rare and should beware of burnout.)


There is no one better type than another. However, playing to one’s natural strengths can improve overall satisfaction, improve productivity, and contribute to the effectiveness of a well-balanced team. The right blend of diverse personality styles can lead to great team efficiency, innovation & productivity.


Individuals frequently behave differently in public, private, and under stress. Being aware of one’s type behavior in these three areas is an important piece in using type to communicate, building teams, and a general understanding of type behavior.


“We are different,
But…We are Predictably Different”

~ People Keys

The DiSC Profile can be used for:

  • Improve communication and relationships with family, friends, co-workers, etc.
  • Discover your personal motivators
  • Better understand how to motivate others
  • Find career options to best fit your personality style
  • Learn to maximize your personal strengths
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Cut down on employee turnover Build self-esteem
  • Identify stressors
  • Manage more effectively Improve sales
  • Identify qualities and gifts Reduce conflict and stress
If you have not previously taken the DISC assessment or do not know your DiSC Personality Profile, you can take the assessment online at https://www.legacyconsultinginstitute.com/workshops-and-assessments/disc/



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