Tips for Parenting Children Who Prefer Sensing

by Mar 4, 2019

Tips for Parenting Children Who Prefer

imgres-7Parenting Based On Personality Type

What you need to know & do to support the child that takes in information through sensing. According to Carl Jung, father of personality type, Sensing Children take in, trust, and rely on the information they take in through the 5 senses.

  • Take in information through the 5 senses
  • Pat attention to details
  • Build conclusions based on the order of such information
  • Examines details & specifics
  • Look at the present
  • Work at a study pace
  • Prefer step by step learning
  • Rely on experience for learning versus reading about it
  • Likely to recall details well
  • Drawl on proven methods to solve current problems
  • Mistrust vague idea
  • Focus on what is

Tips for parenting or teaching a child that prefers Sensing perception

  • Make it safe to ask lots of questions. They need to gather all the details in order to get a clear picture of the global view of the direction, instructions, assignment or what it is you talking about or asking of them
  • Give lots of details to your instructions. They will wait to get all the details before moving forward
  • Be clear with your request. They may have trouble completing tasks where the instructions are ambiguous.
  • When helping with homework, start with the “parts” and then work towards the theme. (Fish to Sea example)
  • May need help formulating the design

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