Stable – Steady – Supportive
(Takes on Passive Roles & is People-Oriented)


General Characteristics:
Good listener, team player, possessive, steady, predictable, understanding, friendly


  • Great listener
  • Teamwork, Team player
  • Good follow-through
  • Person of Substance
  • Loyal

Blind Spots:

  • Slower to make decisions
  • Can be overly sensitive
  • Dislikes change
  • Can be stubborn

Value To Team or Group:

  • Reliable change
  • Loyal team worker
  • Compliant towards authority
  • Good listener
  • Patient & empathetic
  • Good at reconciling conflicts

Challenge Areas:

  • Resists change
  • Takes a long time to adjust to change
  • Holds a grudge
  • Will give in rather than argue
  • Difficulty establishing priorities

Greatest Fear:
Loss of security


DISC Enhancing Communication


The Primary “S” Loves it when you:

  • Express a genuine interest in them as a person
  • Give them answers to “how” questions
  • Clearly define your goals, a procedure, or their role in the overall plan
  • Are patient with them
  • Give them time to adjust to changes
  • Present ideas or changes in a non-threatening manner
  • Provide them with feedback

But has difficulty understanding when you:

  • Are pushy or overly aggressive
  • Are demanding
  • Are confrontational


If you have not previously taken the DISC assessment or do not know your DiSC Personality Profile, you can take the assessment online at



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