Compliant – Correct – Cautious
(Takes on Passive Roles & is Task-Oriented)


General Characteristics:
Accurate, analytical, conscientious, careful, fact-finder, precise, high standards, systematic


  • Accurate
  • Planning
  • Systems
  • Orchestration
  • Details

Blind Spots:

  • Perfectionist
  • Critical
  • Unresponsive

Value To Team or Group:

  • Perspective
  • “The anchor of reality”
  • Conscientious and even-tempered
  • Thorough in all activities
  • Defines situations
  • Gathers, criticizes, and tests information

Challenge Areas:

  • Needs clear-cut boundaries for actions/relationships
  • Bound by procedures and methods
  • Gets bogged down in details
  • Prefers not to verbalize feelings
  • Will give in rather than argue

Greatest Fear:

DISC Enhancing Communication


The Primary “C” Loves it when you:

  • Support your ideas with accurate information
  • Be specific when explaining yourself
  • Be patient, persistent, and diplomatic while providing explanations
  • Agree with facts rather than emotions when agreeing
  • Allow them their space and independence
  • Tell them upfront your expectations of them
  • Give them the pros and cons

But has difficulty understanding when you:

  • Refuse to explain the details
  • Answer questions vaguely or casually
  • Surprise them with new information


If you have not previously taken the DISC assessment or do not know your DiSC Personality Profile, you can take the assessment online at



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