Personality Type & Love: What is my best type match

by Jun 1, 2020

Personality Type & Love


Know, Understand  and Respect
your type and the type of your partner

        One of the most common questions I receive in my workshops is, “What personality type is the best fit for my personality type?”  My answer is always the same, “There is no wrong type fit.” The key is to know, understand, and respect your type and the type of your partner. This alone can help you to understand stress triggers and how to navigate through life together.

        There are pros and cons of every combination. The strengths of your partner with an opposite personality type can help carry the load in areas that you struggle in.  Be sure to appreciate and value your partner’s ability and willingness to do so. In addition, be sure to be willing to do the same for your opposite partner, in the areas that come easier to you due to your personality type. Seek to understand their perceptions on situations, remembering that their perception is greatly influenced by their personality type.  As is yours. This most often reduces tension by increasing empathy.

        Although having the same personality type as your partner can make some things easier, such as the same motivators and perceptions.  There are traps to watch for when in a relationship with your same type. There is no one to fill in the gaps for each other.  For example, ENFPs are very playful and dread routine and tasks such as paying the bills or balancing the checkbook. So they will have to decide how these tasks get accomplished; taking turns, one is in charge and the other gets another “icky” task to be responsible for, etc. Remember, personality type characteristics are Not excuses for not getting the job done or getting the job done well.

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Michele Burch Reid, MS, founder of LCI,  is an Organizational Effectiveness & Personal Development Consultant and Coach. Michele has a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, as well as several certifications.  She helps clients create overall satisfaction & potential by tapping into their natural strengths with Personality Type, Emotional Intelligence Training, Biofeedback & other Brain-based tools. Michele’s philosophy is that when you discover what inspires you, you can more easily inspire and lead others. Whether that is in the board room, the classroom, or the family room.

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