Extraverted Thinking (TE)



The function is making decisions about the external world using objective facts. Applies criteria in a logical way while staying within the rules and policies to arrive at a defendable position or decision.


For example:
When we turn off our gut, or emotional reaction, to make an objective decision or create procedures and policies, we are exercising Te function.


What to know about those that are hard-wired for Extraverted Thinking

  • Operationalizes
  • Applies rules and policies logically
  • Sequences and organizes actions
  • Seeks to regulate or control with logic
  • Often organizes people and resources to accomplish goals logically and efficiently, and in accordance with clearly defined parameters
  • Tends to initiate projects and delegate roles and responsibilities, creating a cohesive team
  • May assume a can-do attitude that makes difficult tasks seem feasible.
  • Can moderate the discussion to achieve maximum efficiency and arrive at implementation.
  • Tends to value rules and disallow exceptions.
  • If inflated, may be unable to relax, feeling the need to constantly supervise.
  • If inflated, may avoid holidays and solitude.
  • Dislike disorder and inefficiency


What to know about training or educating those that are Extraverted Thinking

  • Analyze & evaluate what they see, read, & hear
  • Prefer logical presentation of information
  • Want clear and logical evidence
  • Check the credibility of information sources
  • Want clear criteria for evaluation
  • Look for flaws and inconsistencies
  • Be decisive and like closure
  • Persevere and work efficiently
  • Like well-defined rules or principles
  • Focus on time and task management
  • Complete tasks and achieve goals


Famous TE Types

  • Napoleon Bonaparte (ENTJ) Emperor of France
  • Julius Caesar (ENTJ) Dictator of Rome
  • Nancy Pelosi (ENTJ) US Speaker of the House (Democrat)
  • Jack Welch (ENTJ) CEO of General Electric
  • Dr. Phil (ESTJ) Psychologist and talk show host
  • Martha Stewart (ESTJ) Business magnate
  • Uma Thurman (ESTJ) Actress
  • Judge Judy (ESTJ) Television judge and author




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