Extraverted Intuition (NE)




The function when we are focusing our attention on the multiple possibilities. Making connections & patterns between items in our external world. These possibilities are sparked by our external world.


For example:
Rapid brainstorming. When our brain focuses on generating ideas without constraint to seek improvement on what is, it is exercising Ne function.


What to know about those that are hard-wired for Introverted Sensing

  • Often has one’s antennae up for all manner of ideas, especially the newest
  • May find it easy to shift thoughts from one idea to another
  • May verbally outflow ideas and possibilities
  • May continuously make remote associations between disparate topics
  • One’s flexibility can seem like apathy and irresponsibility to others and a lack of commitment or compassion
  • If inflated, may overwhelm others with verbosity —abundance, and speed of diverse ideas


What to know about training or educating those that are Introverted Sensing

  • Like lots of stimulation
  • Integrate information from a variety of sources
  • Improvise rather than prepare extensively
  • Be easily bored with details
  • Need variety and change to keep their interest level high
  • Resist structure and test rules or challenge authority
  • Like to start things more than follow things through to completion
  • Like to initiate new ideas and seek change, Think out loud
  • Like group work…Want to discuss information
  • Share and build on ideas
  • Enjoy brainstorming and visioning
  • Seek out different points of view


Famous NE Types

  • Benjamin Franklin (ENTP) – inventor, writer, publisher, diplomat
  • Steve Wozniak (ENTP) – co-founder of Apple Computer
  • Bill Maher (ENTP) – political talk show host
  • Tom Hanks (ENTP) – actor, movie producer
  • Julian Assange (ENFP) – outspoken founder of Wiki Leaks
  • Arianna Huffington (ENFP) – outspoken founder of Huffington Post
  • Ellen DeGeneres (ENFP) – talk show host
  • Rachel Maddow (ENFP) – talk show host




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