Tips For Parenting The Introverted Child

by Jan 7, 2019

Tips For Parenting The Introverted Child
Parenting Based On Personality Type
The Introverted Child May:

  • May need private time to recharge after school. Don’t go straight into lots of questions & long conversations. You will most likely get short answers
  • Are more likely to share if given time & space to recharge. Once charged they may even be more open & chatty if discussing something they are interested in or familiar with.
  • Need more time to reconcile new ideas with old ideas. Before excepting the change. They go quiet for the process.  Allow for that space.
  • Can be misinterpreted as stubborn, defiant, or lacking attention.  Remember they are processing information. Allow pauses for that process.
  • Less likely to take leadership in a group, especially if the instructions are unclear or the information is new.
  • Will wait for pauses to contribute to the conversation. Be sure to create pauses that allow them to contribute.

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