Personality Type & Relationships
The Idealists

INFPs tend to:

  • be a calm, pleasant face to the world
  • feel his or her life intensely, while appearing to be tranquil and peaceful to others, with simple desires
  • desire harmony, dislike conflict & try to avoid disagreements unless basic values are at stake
  • enjoy deep meaningful conversations with their partner
  • be naturally elusive which may keep their partner pursuing them
  • be very aware of their own space, and the space of others
  • value their personal space, and the freedom to do their own thing
  • not be likely to be overly jealous or possessive, and is likely to respect their mate’s privacy and independence
  • be warmly affirming and loving partners who make the health of their relationships central in their lives

INFPs value in their partners:

  • creativity
  • honor and ethics
  • real world skills
  • a need for harmony
  • self-esteem
  • appreciation for who they are

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About the author

Michele Burch Reid, MS, founder of LCI,  is an Organizational Effectiveness & Personal Development Consultant and Coach. Michele has a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, as well as several certifications.  She helps clients create overall satisfaction & potential by tapping into their natural strengths with Personality Type, Emotional Intelligence Training, Biofeedback & other Brain-based tools. Michele’s philosophy is that when you discover what inspires you, you can more easily inspire and lead others. Whether that is in the board room, the classroom, or family room.