The Leadership Accelerator Toolkit

The Leadership Accelerator Toolkit

How to quickly transform your team so that you can have productive,
engaged employees without the stress & grind.




Hello, I’m Michele Burch Reid, MS. I am an Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Personality Type Expert, with a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a long list of personal development certifications. I’ve been training companies, teams, and individuals in success for years using the powerful tools and strategies of emotional intelligence, personality type, biofeedback, and other brain-based tools.

I help leaders go from being overwhelmed and exhausted to regaining their time, energy, and focus, by training them in a number of leadership strategies, such as Emotional  Intelligence, Personality Type, Training, Resilience building & so much more. 

Through my training programs, leaders avoid burnout and instead motivate and reengage their employees and teams, resulting in increased productivity, problem solving, and retention. 

Happy Leading,

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Phone: 816-683-9388

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