Coach Yourself to Excellence Webinar

The Coach Yourself
to Excellence Webinar


In this powerful webinar, Michele Burch Reid, MS takes you through her impactful training and development programs she has been using with clients in the corporate world for well over a decade. Now all these tools and strategies are available to you, to help develop your skills and talents to be the best you can be!

It’s the perfect guide to her self-guided coaching book, Coach Yourself To Excellence.

Coach Yourself To Excellence Workbook


A guide to understanding yourself and others to improve communication, relationships, and peak performance.



DiSC helps you to better understand how you are naturally hard-wired through your personality Type. Enables your team to resolve conflict & communicate most effectively.

Coaching With Michele


Michele Burch Reid, MS, founder of Legacy Consulting Institute specializes in personal and professional development, using personality type and Emotional Intelligence.

Her clients include individuals, families, and organizations working to improve individual and team performance.


Tamara Payne says:

“Michele Burch Reid, MS, Principal at LCI, is the best Leadership Coach. She has been my Industrial Organization Coach for almost a decade. Because of her dedication, I have a well-established company, and a dedicated team, and was able to retire 20 years ahead of schedule. My undergraduate degrees are in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, but her skills and knowledge took me beyond anything I learned at University. Invest in yourself and in your business by retaining her as your Coach.”

Chris Auckland says:

Making a Difference in Your Daily Life!

Michele has a magical ability to speak to you! It is as if she is sitting beside you, creating that bond with you, and leading you to intentional living. My leadership skills have always been strong, but Michele has a natural and easy-to-understand ability to push me to improve myself and to create a better person in all aspects of my life. I love the tools for auditing and balancing skills on the leadership wheel…a very effective approach to enhancing my own style. The format that Michele uses is extremely effective in creating reflection and also giving clear-cut actions to make a better leader. I have attended many seminars throughout my career, it is refreshing to find a guide that allows my own pace and also is enjoyable and trusted.

This is a fabulous and life-changing guide. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make a difference in their everyday life!

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