Personality Type & Relationships
The Artists


ISFPs tend to:

  • be warmhearted, gentle, and private people
  • like nature, sports and animals
  • want to please their partner and children
  • large capacity for sympathy for others
  • have difficulty communicating when frustrated or upset
  • dislike routine, unless it is self-imposed
  • very loyal and supportive, with a deep capacity for love
  • need space to live their lives in their own unique way, and respect other’s need for space
  • desire and seek lifelong, committed relationships

ISFPs value in their partners:

  • social skills
  • loyalty
  • ability to be happy now
  • sensuality
  • appreciation for who they are

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About the author

Michele Burch Reid, MS, founder of LCI,  is an Organizational Effectiveness & Personal Development Consultant and Coach. Michele has a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, as well as several certifications.  She helps clients create overall satisfaction & potential by tapping into their natural strengths with Personality Type, Emotional Intelligence Training, Biofeedback & other Brain-based tools. Michele’s philosophy is that when you discover what inspires you, you can more easily inspire and lead others. Whether that is in the board room, the class room, or family room.