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Discovering your core values assists in knowing what best motivates and empowers you. With a solid understanding your personality type & core values you can create a life built on what matters to you most. Knowing your values & others also helps you to understand what matters and motivates those around you, including those you lead.

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Values Assessment - Your Values Style is a measure of your ideals and hidden motivators. The Values Profile looks at the underlying and hidden motivators that affect behavior. Whereas Personality Style (DISC) is observable and personality issues can be resolved with some effort, Values Styles are not as observable or easily resolved. Values are hidden and ingrained deep in our subconscious. The Values Profile assesses an individual’s need to have four core values met in his/her life. All people share the following four Values Styles in varying degrees of intensity.
L = Loyalty
E = Equivalence
P = Personal Freedom
J = Justice
Knowledge of Values Styles can help people become more tolerant of individual differences to reduce conflict and increase understanding. In the workplace, long-term retention issues can be influenced when specific job values requirements correlate with an applicant’s personal values. Hiring managers have found knowledge of a prospect’s Values Styles critical to hiring decisions.

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