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Your TEAMS Style is a measure of your thinking and task preferences. The TEAMS Profile looks at the way people think and function best in a group or team environment. The TEAMS Profile breaks down the core functions of a group into five key roles preformed by the group to carry out tasks and accomplish goals. The titles of the roles are:

T = Theorist
E = Executor
A = Analyzer
M = Manager
S = Strategist
The TEAMS Profile does not measure ability, but rather preferences for the roles and key activities performed. When people are placed in their area of preference, productivity and job satisfaction increases and stress is reduced. The slogan “Together Everyone Achieves More” is not only catchy, it is the premise for team development. A strong team is formed of complementary roles, not conflicting roles. Utilizing all five roles has proven to work best to get the job done.

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An excellent corporate resource for team development, the results of The TEAMS Profile™ will give leaders the information required to strategically place each person in their best position to maximize effectiveness.

Increase team members’ understanding and apprecia5on for each others’ talents, preferences, communication style, leadership qualities and challenge areas. This deeper understanding increases the quality of communication and strengthens trust within the team.

• Profile individuals to identify five key roles in team performance: Theorist, Executor, Analyzer, Manager, Strategist.
• Measure the internal, natural role that a person will play on a team, and what their most effective role will be.
• Describes the role, key value to the team, core strengths, and potential limitations for each TEAMS style.

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