When I’m facing difficult times and feeling “super challenged”, it would be easy to scream out in fear, “Good Lord why me”? Instead, I remind myself of my love for my children and His love for His children. I’m reminded of a time when my middle child wanted to learn to ice skate. She was just 3. I put her in her dance leotard. The purple one with the ruffles, she had been so excited to wear in her dance recital.

We set off for the ice rink with so much excitement in her eyes. She was so pleased. I was giving her just what she asked for. But when we actually got on the ice, she was terrified. I mean paralyzed with fear. I looked at her and asked, “Do You Trust Me?”, “Do you know that I love you and that I always, always have your best interest at heart”?  She nodded with undying trust. And then I pushed her down. (Gently of course. But enough for her to fall).  She looked up at me with total confusion and asked “What did you do that for”?  I answered with “What are you going to do now that your biggest fear is confirmed”?  She replied, “I guess get up” and she began pulling herself back up to her feet. With my assistance of course. Then I said, “Yes, and that’s what you’ll do each time you fall. Because you will fall again.”

I believe that’s just what God does with us when needed. He pushes us through our fear by taking us straight to the ring of fire and making us jump through. He’s giving us just what we’ve asked for and refuses to let our own fear rob us of what we want. We must trust Him like a small child trusts their loving parent.


So I dare you. Dream. Dream big. Ask for God’s guidance. And when He brings you to that ring of fire. Jump. Jump fast. Jump strong. Jump. Jump knowing that He has you and He will never let anyone rob you of your dream. Not even yourself. 


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